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Experimental spray drier
Device name: lab spray dryer
Equipment type: QFN-9000Y
Equipment specifications: 1000mL-2000 mL/h (support customization)
Test machine: Support test making experiment
Scope of application: Powdered and granular solid products are produced in solution, emulsion, suspension and paste liquid raw materials.
Application scenario: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine, biological industry, etc.
Is it guaranteed? National three year warranty
Telephone: 17317246351

Experimental type / small spray dryer experimental process video

Product Description:
Experimental spray dryer (small spray dryer)It is mainly suitable for producing micro-particle powder in universities, research institutes and laboratories of food, pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises. It is widely applicable to all solutions such as emulsion and suspension.
It is suitable for drying of heat sensitive substances, such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc. Because the material is only sprayed into a fog when the high temperature and instantaneous heating, so these active materials still maintain its active ingredients after drying.
Multiple application areas:
Beverages, spices and colors, milk, egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceutically synthesized thermosensitive plastics, polymers and resins, aromatics, blood products, ceramics and superconducting biochemical products, dye soaps and detergents, food, adhesives, oxides, bone meal and tooth powder, etc.

Main features:
1. Choose the concentric coaxial atomizer designed by Jo Feng, and the nozzle aperture can be customized.
2. Choose wear resistant and corrosion resistant 16# silicone tube to meet the transportation needs of most heat sensitive materials.
3. The conveying device is an inline peristaltic pump with precise speed control and safer unidirectional rotation.
4. A high borosilicate glass drying component with good transmittance and acid and alkali resistance.
5. The clamp of the fixed component is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, and is durable and without dead angle.
6. Cyclone separator and bag dust remover can be switched to use, and different particle sizes of materials can be screened and collected.
7. The imported oil-free air compressor imported from Taiwan has the advantages of low pollution, low noise and sustainable work.
8, adopt high-precision PID temperature control technology, temperature control accuracy range 1 degrees, electric heating heat source stability and more environmental protection.
9. intelligent human-machine interaction interface, simple operation, support for Chinese and English handover.
10. Dry powder after drying, its granularity is more uniform, more than 95% of the dry powder in the same granularity range.
11. For viscous materials, a nozzle cleaner (through needle) is provided. When the nozzle is blocked, it will be removed automatically, and the frequency of the through needle can be adjusted automatically.
12. stainless steel drying room can be cleaned by tower wall.
12. accept customization (for example, fully equipped with imported accessories, sandblasting, design according to laboratory environment, etc.)

Equipment parameters:

Water evaporation

1000mL-2000 mL/h

Minimum feed quantity


Liquid feed pump

4 rotor pump (feeding pipe: imported silica gel peristaltic tube) (optional 6 rotor pump)

Atomization mode

Refined two fluid atomizing sprinkler (one gas, one liquid) (optional refined plastic two fluid atomizing sprinkler)

Nozzle caliber

Optional 07/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.2 mm, standard follow-up configuration 1.0 mm (optional silicon carbide material, wear resistance is about 10 times of stainless steel)

Average drying time


Temperature setting range

Automatic control at 30-300 C PID; (temperature setting)

Temperature adjustment accuracy

Inlet temperature is + 1 C.


Single-phase low noise fan, fan flow rate; 95m/min, wind pressure; 1.1KPa9 (optional Taiwan imported fan, mute powerful)

Temperature sensor

PT-100 thermocouple

Spray regulation range

0-0.8 MPa (recommendation 0.2 MPa)

Spray pressure intake volume

106L/min; exhaust volume; 36L/min; input power 580W

Air compressor for spray

Taiwan imported dolphin brand oil free air compressor, silent type.

Ceramic electric heater power 3.5KW


Rated voltage

220v / all rolling stock required to operate on

Air intake treatment

Fiber cotton filter

Adjustment of flow range of delivery pump


Electric box heat dissipation

Brushless DC motor fan fan heat

Air connection for spray

Outside diameter 6mm trachea

Function protection

The fan does not start, the heater can not start, the air compressor does not start, and the peristaltic pump can not start.

Shape size

550 (w) x650 (d) x1300 (h) mm

Device control mode

Touch screen

Material / weight of the whole machine

304 / 110

Note:For more evaporation equipment, please inquire online or call.

1, can carry one or two pumps to carry out the operation. When a plurality of conveying pumps work at the same time, the mixing chamber can be matched to mix the materials directly or directly.
2, optional multi power induced draft fan, intelligent frequency modulation;
3, you can use universal switch, a key to boot.
4. Real-time humidity detection device, intuitively reflect the humidity changes in the drying process; gas temperature and humidity sampling point set in the flue gas system and dust recovery device, gas directly conveyed to the probe sampling analysis, can automatically carry out on-line sampling.
5. Imported brand electronic control system (such as Siemens) can be selected, which has strong control ability and supports online upgrade of program.
6. Single bag filter is a customized product with high toughness skeleton, high compression resistance and high durability.
7, optional Shanghai Jo Feng special dust removal system, greatly improving the recovery rate.
8. Rotor flowmeter can be selected.
9, other gas interfaces (such as nitrogen) can be reserved.

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